does rent to own really work

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He does not yet own the property, and the seller might get the property foreclosed. If home prices fall, he might not be able to renegotiate a lower purchase price. If he does not pay rent on time, he may lose the right to purchase (along with all the extra payments).

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How Rent to Own works. option money: In a rent-to-own agreement, the potential buyer pays the seller a one-time, usually non-refundable lease option fee called option money or option consideration. As with stock options, this gives him or her the opportunity to purchase the house in the future.

Process Involved in Rent-to-own Homes – The process involved in rent-to-own homes is similar to that of leasing a car.. How Rent-to-own Homes Work.. becomes part of the down payment. If the renter doesn’t buy the house, the option fee becomes income for the seller. Rent premiums are an.

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Does "rent to own" on a house really work? my hubby and i are looking into the "rent to own" for houses in greensburg.. we read a few articles, but now were a little skeptical.

The Courier, along with other media outlets, confirmed that Ross stopped paying monthly rent payments. he knows how to do it (run a store), but I don’t think he (Ross) really wanted to.

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So, how does it work? I like to begin explaining rent to own by first saying this, "a house being offered as rent to own is surprisingly similar to a standard rental home. You are still considered a tenant during the term of the lease and the owner is your landlord."