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LOANS, GRANTS & BENEFITS FOR DISABLED VETERANS Did you know qualified borrowers with VA-recognized disabilities may be eligible for special consideration for VA insured mortgages? If you are looking for a VA home loan, it’s important to know the benefits and assistance available to you based on your VA-recognized disability status. The Federally-backed VA loan [.]

A VA mortgage loan (also known as a Veterans Administration home loan) is one of the most useful military benefits. If you qualify, you can buy or build a home, or refinance an existing home.

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The vlb helps veterans, military members and their spouses buy homes and then help pay to improve it through the Texas Veterans home improvement program (vhip). This program was introduced in 1986 to provide below-market interest rate loans to qualified Texas Veterans for home repairs and improvement to their existing homes.

Whether you own a home or are looking to buy, your VA status may entitle you to considerable mortgage savings. Doing a quick check on your eligibility can go.

Veterans without disabilities, however, must pay a funding fee. The funding fee varies depending on the circumstances, but it can add thousands of dollars to the cost of the home. For example: a veteran purchasing a $200,000 home with no down payment would have to pay a 2.15% funding fee, which results in a charge of $4,300.

Phone calls can begin only a day after veterans close on VA-guaranteed home loans. Brokers will claim. refinancing within six months of original VA loans. Mandate that lenders present a “net.

The VA Home Loan which was initially created during World War Two as a thank you for service benefit is probably the most financially auspicious benefit available to veterans. Advantages of this loan include relaxed underwriting guidelines, low interest rates, 100 percent financing and perhaps most appealing 0 dollars down.

Are you interested in a VA Home Loans? Click here and learn about your eligibility, process and benefits of getting a VA home loan.

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